Download the brochure of our Neuromarker Services here.


Ready to use turn-key solutions or use your own:

We can provide a pre-configured neuromarker lab including:

    Wireless EEG
    Recording software
Or you can use your existing system if the data uses a stanfard format.



Data analysis:

Cloud based data analysis of your raw data using KAI, our advanced signal processing and machine learning framework to search for neuromarkers based on EEG.

As every case and protocol is different we can implement according to your specifications or help you understand the possibilities.



Data management:

Online data management tools to simplify experimental campaigns. We can provide tools to manage your data throughtout the process.

Protocol definition:

Support when defining recording protocols and experimental campaigns. We have many years experience in recording electrophysiological signals both in and out of the lab and can help you achieve goo quality every time.