Download the brochure of our Performance Lab here.


Ready to use turn-key solutions:

Pre-configured Perfomance Lab.

    Wireless EEG
    Wireless ECG
    Wireless GSR
    Wireless Respiration
    Recording software

Custom solutions:

Any combination of the above integrated with your own sensors and synchronised via our recording software. Integration with force plates and MoCap systems is also possible.

Data analysis:

Cloud based data analysis of your raw data using advanced signal processing and machine learning methodologies to extract neural correlates of cognitive performance.


Tools for implementation of standard or custom neurofeedback paradigms for cognitive training using the Neurosurfer platform from Neuroelectrics with immersive VR scenarios. Neurofeedback games are ready for use with a regular monitor (2D) or in a virtual reality environment (3D) using the Oculus Rift.



Data management:

Online data management tools to simplify experimental campaigns. (Coming soon)

Protocol definition:

Support when defining recording protocols and experimental campaigns.